Turn me into a messenger, and I’ll turn you into ash

Wednesday 25 November 2015, 6.37pm HKT

18:29h local time SITREP

I got rammed to the ground sideways about 45 minutes ago by persons unknown and non grata.

Since I’ve done nothing wrong and everything with me has always been aboveboard, it means I’ve been made a messenger of.

Exactly what kind of message I’m supposed to pass on, I can’t speculate even with my usual better-than-most guesstamability.

But I’m pretty sure that what comes across to me like police IDs flashed in front of my eyeballs are the things that ought to catch the serious attention of any reasonable human being.

Update:— Welcome to Hong Kong and its “best police force money can buy.” If anyone doesn’t agree, PLEASE KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF, preferably on a Sunday in church on your own.

injuries DSC_0520 thenakedlistener 2015 1125

Now I’m bleeding in the face for no good reason — worse, for someone else’s reason. My glasses are out of action.


My right kneecap is bruised and scratched underneath my trousers.


Someone will have to answer for this. I intend to find out from start to abortion who and why this happened.

Anyone who gets in my way will get rammed out of the way — anyone.

J. Edgar Hoover is one of my greatest all-time heroes. Draw your own conclusions about how I’ll go about things.

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25 Nov 2015 @ 18:50h HKT

P.S. The WordPress Android app is shite for posting. Please rewrite it from the ground up. I’m serious. — TNL.


2 Responses to “Turn me into a messenger, and I’ll turn you into ash”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    Not knowing anything of the subtleties of such things in Hong Kong, I’ll take your word for it and pull out my cheerleading outfit for your team. But if I were there myself to lend a hand…

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  2. Tim Fortier said

    Mr.Lee, I was thrilled to find your blog. I am a wordsmith of the first degree like yourself.

    As I was researching a word usage I came across your Quorum answers. Specifically, the distinction between good night and goodnight and if it might be one word. You conclude by stating, ” there is no good reason” to use it as one word. I actually have a situation wherein it is preferable to use it in context as one word.

    I write poetry for children. The rules of spelling, grammar, word usage, even the use of invented words ( Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky) is acceptable within this genre.

    I am currently writing a poem within the framework that utilizes ONLY three word lines that are ” chores” for a child to accomplish.
    One of the final lines is to read, ” kiss me goodnight”. In this context, it is most certainly a good reason, and truly mandatory, that a one word usage be incorporated.


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