A New Hope

Sunday 25 December 2016, 9.44pm HKT

hopeless roy lichtenstein 1963 wikipedia

NO, it isn’t Star Wars, thankyouverymuch.

It’s a new project — something that I’ve been faffing around since 2014 and wrote about it to you all all of you back then (see “Why am I toying with this idea?“).

Lipsync Lawyer

At long last, I’m showing some goddamned initiative and pro-activeness. I’ve finally started a new sister blog Lipsync Lawyer to keep the Ark sailing.

strawman-4chanIt’s about law. Knowing me, bank on a diff’rent take on things.

Also bank on me spinning out of control on practically every post there, just as I usually do here on The Naked Listener’s Weblog.

This weasel puke

My excuse for doing it remains the same now as it had been in 2014 — to lift the unreadable veil of this weasel puke called “Law” without needing to consume amphetamines and barbiturates washed down with piss and phlegm.

‘I Want to Break Free’

But the real reason is just to avoid letting the name “Lipsync Lawyer” go to waste. And to farm out the law-related crap on this blog over to that one.

In that sense then, Lipsync Lawyer is the blogging version of the song “I Want to Break Free” by Queen (1984).

So now, boys and girls, you’re getting into a blogging threesome here — this blog, Learning English or Starve, and now, Lipsync Lawyer.

A little trivia about the blog just for the record:—

  • It was launched on Monday, 19 Sept 2016, at 14:30 hours GMT and went ‘live’ on Christmas Eve at precisely 03:10 hours GMT.
  • Updates “every Tuesday at 8pm [GMT]” — the proverbial blogging meme.
  • The current theme is “Twenty Sixteen” free from WordPress.
  • It’s already got 6 posts — two being a two-part Special Report.
  • And one post that should open the eyes of you lot out there.

Wish me luck, or wish me a real threesome.


Christmas Day 2016

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Images: “Hopeless” by Roy Lichtenstein (1963) via Wikipedia • Strawman via 4chan.

4 Responses to “A New Hope”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    While that sort of law discussion isn’t my cup of tea, I think it needs your unique perspective. Here’s to adding another layer to your giddy fame.


  2. lawmrh said

    I will check it out! I am interested in getting your take on “the Law.” Best wishes on Lipsync Lawyer and Happy New Year!


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