Ming vase blue

Tuesday 20 June 2017, 8.00pm HKT


WHICH colour ink do I prefer to write in?

I absolutely prefer to write in blue.

The funny thing is many people say my handwriting looks wonderful in black, which is not my preference but I have nothing against it.

It’s blue, but looks too dark because of my potato-quality phone camera

(click image for larger size)

When it comes to blue ink, I prefer the brighter kind of blue known generally as “cold blue.”

Cold blue used to be the default in Parker ballpoint refills and German-made brands like Pelikan, Schneider, etc.

The typical blue in most pens today is just too dark or too purplish to be properly called ‘blue.’

(via Pantone 288C ってこんな色)

Cold blue somewhat resembles the traditional Chinese 青 (qīng), which is a bluer form of verdant (blue-green).

If you’re in the printing business, the closest is Pantone 288C. Otherwise, it’s “Ming vase blue.”

Below is archetypal Ming vase blue.

Here’s smirking at you, derpface

A very rare blue-and-white unicorn (麒麟 qilin) censer,
Wanli period (1573–1619),
8¾ inches (12.3 cm) high, Japanese wood box.

This incense/perfume burner made in the form of
single-horned mythical beast is modelled with an open mouth
and bared teeth, with its head turned to look towards the separately
modelled bushy tail attached by a metal pin on the interior. The animal
is seated on an integral base decorated with four cash applied on
a foliate diaper, and is fitted with a separate tray with low wall
that fits inside the figure.

Estimate US$20,000 to US$30,000. Price realised US$32,500.
Offered and sold in The Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art sale
on 17 March 2017 at Christie’s, Rockefeller Center, New York City.

(image via Christie’s)

My drafting ink colour idiosyncrasies

black vs blue ink

I’m an oldie — and an oldie creature of habit and habituation. So I have a fairly fixed sequence of ink-colour usage:—

Internal first drafts

  • I use red or pink for the first writeup — makes it immediately clear that the crap is definitely not for showing to third parties.
  • Then I revise or edit in blue or black.

Drafts and amendments that may be read by third parties

  • I draft in black.
  • I revise in pencil or blue.
  • I edit and make amendments in pencil or green.
  • Internal corrections are in red.
  • All positions of amendments are “blacklined” — underlined in black.

Colour sequence for markups (traditional)

Black — bluegreenvioletbrown.

You can definitely see I’m an editorial and printing person to the bones.

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