‘Conflicted’ doesn’t even begin to describe

Tuesday 11 July 2017, 8.00pm HKT


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GOT to hand it to some people, honestly speaking.

Read this Internet tosh:—

Why do I feel so much envy and pain when I hear about male students sleeping with their female teachers?

The amount of pain and envy I feel afterwards knows no bounds. I am so angry and frustrated that this didn’t happen to me, even though I know it would have been really harmful psychologically and the teacher having committed a despicable and immoral act. What are your theories on this?

Wut the eff did I just read?

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Assuming that WASN’T INTERNET FORUM BAIT, let’s say I would say people like that should “Go feel envy and pain somewhere else.”

I don’t know this particular individual. I can’t explain why he or she would feel THAT.

I don’t have a theory about this.

I don’t even need to theorise, however.

I do know an overactive sense of entitlement would be a good, pragmatic explanation.

Envy comes from when a person fantasises about people they cannot get close to (or have) — yet envy usually doesn’t contain pain.

Pain is usually an extreme reaction. It comes on when a person is doing more than just fantasising about things — the pain turns on when that person:—

  • feels entitled to something,
  • not getting it — indeed, being denied it
  • and then seeing others getting it instead.

And in this case, the “it” is when male students (but not this particular individual) get to bang willing female teachers — or, conversely, female teachers getting to bang willing students.

Jesus H. Christ! Get a grip…

Funny you didn’t say the other way round … works both ways this perspective thing

I just cannot fathom why people nowadays would have feelings like this on a subject matter like this one.

This sort of thing — students and teachers having sex with each other — has been going on for literally AGES.

It’s not uncommon but not unheard of either, let’s put it that way.

Nearly all of us knew (or suspected) at least one instance of it from our schooldays.

C’mon, peep’l, we’re talking about the Sixties or Seventies even for the 50-somethings and older.

It’s usually one strapping stud of a student and a schoolmistress who’s just got divorced or still in an unhappy, lonely marriage.

Or a promiscuous teenage girl who’s considerably more ‘developed’ (and knowledgeable) for her age and a teacher with weak knees.

When I was in senior high school and also at university, it was an open secret that some male and female students were trading sex for grades with the teachers and professors.

But even those were in the minority. Many more were doing it because they actually fancied each other.

emotional baggage into cash 1499222354892

Everybody who’s into this sort of thing has their own reasons.

One female classmate of mine was sleeping with a much older man for living expenses and general upkeep. She was lying everything to everyone — including her parents and her own ‘young’ boyfriend.

I feel sorry for the boyfriend. I don’t think he had any inkling of what’s going on behind the scenes.

The girl herself never realised that I knew about her sugar-daddy thing. I really would’ve liked to give the young guy the heads-up … but it’s really none of my business.

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t condone things like this.

But don’t think that I would see it as ‘wrong.’

It’s definitely something that’s not quite right, yet it’s not wholly wrong — especially if the parties were old enough and seem to know what they’re into.

There IS a difference between “not right” and “wrong,” all told. It’s not conveniently black and white. Much depends on the surrounding facts.

Here’s what we do know:—

  • It’s none of our business. It’s their business.
  • If it was happening to our friends, we felt nothing — it’s none of our business.
  • If it were to happen to any of us personally, I can say for sure that we would’ve felt we should keep deadly quiet about it.

What we definitely don’t need is this:—

  • Bitching about not getting a leg-over with the teachers
  • YET moralising about it

That’s just plain sickening. That kind of self-entitled mindset is the very thing that needs a corrective adjustment.

Either get your game up — or shut up.

Or be shut up, geddit?

Whatever the hell we could feel, it would’ve been nothing remotely like envy or pain, that’s for damn sure.

If you’re the type who feels deserved to bang teachers (or, indeed, any other kind of person), then pain will come on whenever and if ever the banging happens to somebody else BUT NOT YOU.

It’s a pretty shallow mentality to have too.

I highly recommend that people who have feelings like this should discuss the matter with a therapist. Feeling this way about others is rather very serious, psychologically speaking.

Other than that, not bad on the creative writing front, but the bait needs more homework or better effort (or both).

Please, don’t stand so close to me, thankyouverymuch.

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5 Responses to “‘Conflicted’ doesn’t even begin to describe”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    What a sad young man. The shortest answer is he needs a serious dose of the red pill on dealing with women.


  2. Jay said

    For me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s:
    Older male – younger female or
    Older female – younger male.

    It’s the hypocrisy of those who say one is good and the other is bad.

    They are identical potential abuses of power, and identically driven by love or lust. Women get horny, just like men, if not quite as often…. usually.

    The two situations should be treated the same, but often one is treated more leniently simply because of gender.


    • But the situation recounted in this post ISN’T about an “old and young” relationship. It’s about this personage having angry, jealous thoughts at the sight or knowledge of others banging some others but thinking of being left out of it himself/herself. There is a difference here.


  3. Jay said

    I understood that. I understand the persons flawed, self-centered reasoning of ‘why not me? I deserve the same opportunity too.’

    It is poor logic, but common to humanity. That doesn’t really bother me much any more.

    The hypocrisy of the situation I outlined bothers me.

    Recently in the Portland area, a woman named McKinney, age 28, molested a younger woman, age 19, on a flight. She groped the younger woman and forced alcohol on her.

    If a man had done the same he would be in prison.

    She is not.


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