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It is hard to believe but others do actually praise and give flattering testimonials about The Naked Listener’s Weblog for its abject effort.

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(The Naked Listener is unaffiliated with any of the persons or sites mentioned.)

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IT is always an honour to be recognised for the work we do. When that recognition comes from our peers, it’s even more special.

Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award | 26 May 2011

“I tried to stick to one thing I think I’m reasonably good at
— and one thing at a time.”

— yours truly’s award acceptance speech


very inspiring blogger award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award | 01 April 2012

“The Naked Listener — the best blog online.”
— D.G. Mattichak Jr | Link

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THE press media has mentioned the blog twice. Previously in 1988, a newspaper wrote a rather flattering public-figure focus piece about me, which will be uploaded once I get round to fishing for it.


Interview | The South China Morning Post | Hong Kong | Sun 20 Jan 2013

(click image for full size)

interview South China Morning Post 2013 0120

Citation:— John Carney, “Leung’s initial policy address fuels our appetite for acronyms,” The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, Sunday 20 JAN 2013, at


One-Minute World News | BBC News | 27 May 2011 | Link Dead link

(click image for full size)

bbc news 2011 0527

(hat tip to subscriber “banitore” for screencap: link to original content no longer available)


Interview by Dennis Eng | The Hongkong Standard | ca. 1988? | Public-figure focus piece

[Under construction]

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(placed mostly out of context)


>>> NEW  on 20 Jan 2013 <<<

corpus christie film society“Ah! I take a little cutoff from the blogging cosmos and come back to find that you have become awesome?! Wow, times have changed! Keep up the far out work!”

~ Callie Welsh | Corpus Christi Film Society | USA | 20 Jan 2013


Do What’s Right | 23 Feb 2012

I link to those I believe would bless my readers, are engaging similar material, or simply because I think what they write about matters.”

— inclusion criteria for the blog’s blogroll


D.G. Mattichak Jr | Australian-American novelist and author of “Loot” | 17 Feb 2012

“… I follow dozens of blogs and I still rate yours at the top of the heap. You do all of the things that a good blogger does. You post things without too much fussing over them, you keep your stuff topical, great writing style — so in your face. If someone was to ask me what a blog should look like I would send them here … makes you a giant in the cyberworld in my books.”


Another Day, Another Face | 11 Feb 2012

“I’ve been trying to think of a good way to summarize my thoughts on what the Naked Listener’s blog is all about, but it’s really hard to wrap it all up into a paragraph… Posts about Hong Kong and stories about people he’s met, to post about what he had for dinner and how blood types are treated the same as was horoscopes in some places. My favorite posts are the ones where he records things that he overhears from regular, everyday people while out and about, either in person or from out in the blogosphere. Regardless, I’ve yet to read a post where I haven’t enjoyed his unique style and humor. Seriously…go give him a read. (And don’t forget to check out all the various pages linked on top! ;)”


 “… I really learn a lot from this site.”

— Alvin | | 12 Jan 2012 (per)


“When I first started reading your posts, I too wondered why there was so little about yourself but I actually think your blog gives a good picture of how you are in its own way. I think your posts are really different (in a good way) so it takes getting used to and after some time, I got accustomed to it. You’re subtle about revealing parts of yourself in ways most people (like me) don’t know how to be.

— Nina | My Face Like A Mannequin | 01 Jan 2012 (per)


“So, if I turn on my naughty-filters, will there be anything left to read?”

— Ed Hurst | | 12 Dec 2011 (per)


wordpress stats image 2012 0101“Fantastic. I only know you from your writings, but it fits like a glove!”

“Maybe you should start giving out press releases.”

— Guus Goorts | | 28 Nov 2011 (per) and 20 Jan 2011 (per)


“Var så god! I caught perhaps one word in ten, enough to catch the gist, but I’ll need to find a dictionary for the rest.”

Another Day, Another Face | 28 Nov 2011 (per)


CIMG0142 clockenflap boozedThese write-ups were incredibly fun to read! I laughed a lot, I nodded vigorously, and I even mm-hmmed a few times. Your expat classification system is spot on! More importantly though, you describe perfectly practically everything one would experience at a music festival, so much so that I feel like the subtitle for these entries could be ‘The Phenomenology of the Concert Attendee’.”

— NiubiCowboy | 23 Nov 2011 | on the Clockenflap festival


The Ten Blogs that Every Other Blogger Should Read | DG Mattichak Jr | 09 Nov 2011

1. The Naked Listener’s Weblog … and its affiliate blogs are easily my favorite blogs. This in your face, tell it like it is style of writing and the confronting, politically incorrect but truthfully honest style of this blog is a great dynamic. TNLW keeps evolving and trying new things, has great design and illustrations, and just hits the nail on the head so often that I never miss a post.”


“This is so amusing. Did someone seriously post this? Maybe as a joke? It made my day.”

Rochelle R | Blake Blog | 20 Oct 2011 (per)


wordpress logo“Srsly, Mister, this is serious business: You can talk to your walls all you want, but I almost spilled tea on my laptop laughing uncontrollably.”

— Yaxue C | 25 Sept 2011 (per)


“I had to stop reading this until my colleague left the room or fear snorting tea out of my nostrils and looking like a pleb.”

— tinkerbelle86 | Laughter Is Catching | 05 Aug 2011 (per)


You are one prolific, agile-minded, articulate fella. Sorry about the last word … I ran out of adjectives. It’s been a pleasure reading About you … now on to the rest of your blog. Keep it up because the world needs wit.

— en0ughsaid | 15 June 2011 (per guestbook)


“Hey, you are so serious, or you were sloshed?”

— Sony Cheng | indie girl band TickTock Museum | 30 April 2011 (per)


The world according to woman | 28 April 2011

“… He is an odd one to be sure, and I find his ramblings to be oddly refreshing (not erotic).”


“Are you a McDonald’s addict?”

smalltroubleinhk | 22 Feb 2011 (per)


“I love your transitions and lucidity.”

~ Anonymity requested | | 06 Feb 2011


“… someone who actually is aware of what they’re talking about on the internet. … I can’t believe you’re not more popular because you definitely have the gift.”

Liquid Diet on Squidoo | 07 Jan 2011


“Loved the tips and reminders. Now if I could just remember half of them, I’d be happy.”

Terribly Write | 02 Nov 2010 (per)


“It’s like being a ticking time-bomb. I keep distance for the safety of others as much as for my own.”

 — madtante | | 20 Oct 2010 (per)

(Madtante on Twitter)


You have covered a wide range of topics with practical suggestions. … It puts you in charge of the situation by asking, ‘How can I think differently to create a positive outcome or to experience relief?’ … “

— Dana Lightman, Ph.D. | Author and motivation expert | 19 Oct 2010 (per)


“You own a very interesting blog covering lots of topics I am interested as well.”

— turnerrmarie | 26 June 2010 (per)


 “They’re banning jokes now? VERY doubleplusungood.”

— Julia Smith | Ten Minutes Hate | 20 March 2010 (per)


“… your blog … it’s always interesting to say the least.”

— Jacqueline HSKM | 14 Oct 2009 (via guestbook)


“Cultivating the habit of really listening to the world around us gives such greater meaning to daily life.”

— Will Haskins | Hong Kong | 21 Aug 2009 (per guestbook)


“A good distraction from the day’s work…”

— John Stevens | Design 21 | 23 June 2009



“… your blog oozes folksy wisdom … powerful, enigmatic … thought-provoking …”

— Olga Lednichenko | The Olga Lednichenko | 27 Feb 2009

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[more later]

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  1. Thanks Rob! You deserve the good press that you get- I wish that I could be as dedicated to my blogging efforts as you are.


  2. SkyddsDrake said

    *Blush* Awww… You read it. ^.^ (I have fixed my typos since I first posted it, though. >.< )



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