PDF downloadable: ‘You don’t blog’ feature

Saturday 25 February 2012, 6.56am HKT

SOME OF YOU BRAIN-DAMAGED FOLKS out there seemed actually pleased with my frightful, fearsome, ghastly, verbally diarrhoeal, megalomaniacal six-part feature “You don’t blog?”.

Just goes to show there are some indiscriminately neurotic people out there.

One of you lot actually asked that I combine the six parts into a single PDF file for easy reading (shurely shome mishtake?—Editor) and for keeping as reference.

(Likely story. More like keeping it as ‘evidence.’ )

The downloadables

The whole feature is now set as a PDF monograph (as I pretentiously call it) and downloadable in two versions:—

Monochrome: youdontblog.pdf (380 kB, 47 pages)

Colour: youdontblog-colour-A4.pdf (382 kB, 47 pages)

Right click on the link and then “Save as…” — done!

The web versions

The web versions of the feature are here:—

Part 1 | 15 Feb 2012

Part 2 | 16 Feb 2012

Part 3 | 16 Feb 2012

Part 4 | 16 Feb 2012

Part 5 | 17 Feb 2012

Part 6 | 23 Feb 2012

Sidebar 1 | ‘One lump or two, luv?’ | 17 Feb 2012

Sidebar 2 | ‘A dead man’s switch for a live person’ | 21 Feb 2012

‘Wiping paper’

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time compiling and formatting the thing whilst in a highly inebriated condition, so don’t wander off and print it out and burn it like some effigy in front of people. Or as wiping paper.

Thanks all.

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Timeplanner form for 2010 and 2011

Wednesday 27 October 2010, 11.32am HKT

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”
– Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (1800-91)


Quite a few people really enjoy using some of the formsets that I produce for my own productivity for the home and office.

Personally, I don’t use a diary (date planner) because:

  • I have no need to carry with me a year’s worth of appointments, to-do’s, reminders and whatnot everywhere I go.
  • I plan and work by weeks and quarters, but most diaries work by days and months.
  • I generate an enormous number of notes. Diaries mostly don’t have enough blank pages for me to write in.
  • My working life is one long emergency (see About Me page). The requirements of my customers exact frequent changes to my working schedule, so a bound diary book just gets revised to death.
  • I don’t see the point of spending HK$45 to HK$150 (US$5.80 to US$20) on a preprinted bound diary.


Download the freebie 2010 timeplanner sheet here (PDF, 152 kB).

  • For use for remainder of this year (not much left, I know).
  • To download, right click on link and “Save target/link as…
  • Lines will appear messed up when you view it in any PDF reader mainly because of a bug in those software.
  • Lines will print correctly on output, however.


Download the freebie 2011 timeplanner sheet here (PDF, 152 kB).

  • For use next year.
  • To download, right click on link and “Save target/link as…
  • Lines will print correct on output even if they appear messed up on viewing.

Screenshots of the 2011 version

The front as printed out

The back as printed out

How it appears messed up in any PDF reader


  1. bulldog clip

    Print 52 sheets and hold them together with a bulldog clip.

  2. Print on different coloured sheets for different people or projects, or for different revisions of schedule (for billing or audit purposes).
  3. Carry only two sheets with you (this week’s and next’s): the war correspondent’s way.
  4. Enter on the back only those items that have to be done that week.
  5. Don’t load the back with many to-do’s. You can only do six things at any one time, and the reason is mainly physiological (but that’s another story).
  6. Leave back half empty for notes.
  7. Never list expenses on timeplans (taxation audit danger point!).
  8. Revise, revise, revise. “Planning is everything; the plan is nothing” (Gen. Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower).

Special requests

Please email me directly if you like the sheet to be in any other language (including Chinese), different sizes or different timing orders.

My email is thenakedlistener (aroba) gmail (punto) com.

Likewise, email me for an immediate discussion if you have need for customised timeplanning sheets.

No hotlinking to files

For those of you who do trackbacks, just link to this page rather than hotlinking to the PDF files. Hotlinking just screws up bandwidth for everybody. Many thanks.

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