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A short lesson in cold spells

By Lily C. | 30 Nov 2012

A sudden drop in temperature, and thoughts go out to the aged, the weak and the ignored among us — and the way we treat them.



The future of ‘government’

By Guus Goorts | 30 Oct 2012

Today’s world of information overflow and overload is spelling the obsolescence of government.


peach by ophelia kwong

Peaches and mushrooms in blue and green

By Ophelia Kwong | 28 Oct 2012

An artist’s self-exposé of the mental and conceptual dynamics underpinning her heterogeneous artistic phases. Very much something completely different for our readers. [Author’s website]


‘Fourteen months’

By Ophelia Kwong | 19 Aug 2012

Memories and impressions retained and revived elicit some of the most powerful emotions inside us — often creating directions in life for us too. For some, reminiscences can become signposts for our destiny. For others, they may well be the very stuff of destiny that a person meets on the road to avoid it.


Life on its own terms. Srsly.

By Marcella Purnama | 4 June 2011

A Melbourne-based writer talks about the various received wisdom we get during our education — that they might not have been received, or even wise, unless we take pains to look at how our ideas about education fit in with Life. [Author’s old website]


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round tuit

Ten Horrible Language Study Habits You Must Ditch

For Yago.sg | 28 Oct 2012 | Blog

Have bad habits, say sayonara to learning a language. Welcome to the Ten Deadliest Language Study Habits — for any language.


deep end

Deep end: the difficulty of learning languages

For Yago.sg | 10 Aug 2012 | Blog

If you have three or more of these language study habits, you are in danger of wasting your time and money.


the good men project

Ten things I’ve learned from property agents

For Ten Things I’ve Learned | 1 Sept 2011

For those who are so moved as to want their own homes.


the good men projectTen things I learnt about clubbing in Hong Kong

For Ten Things I’ve Learned | 13 May 2011

I use the word ‘clubbing’ as in clubbing + the act of going to gigs + a night out. It isn’t right, but then again, most things aren’t in this town.

Editor’s note: Originally published in The Naked Listener’s Weblog on 12 May 2012 [Link].


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