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The Naked Listener’s Weblog syndicates its blogposts and comments for free in four ways:

  • via WordPress subscription
  • via direct email delivery to your inbox
  • via RSS feeds
  • via Facebook

Scroll down for unsubscribe instructions.


* * *

Via WordPress

Applies to: Any registered WordPress.com user.

You know what to do if you’re already a WordPress user.

Top of the menubar and click “Follow.” Done!

WordPress users subscribe via the menubar

(It’s an old screencap, but you get the idea)


* * *

Via email delivery

Applies to: EVERYONE not registered on WordPress.

The lazy way. But the most reliable.

Click the “Sign me up!” button at the bottom of every page on this site. Follow the screen instructions to finish.

WordPress never spams. If WordPress notifications are consistently landing in your Spam folder, you have a problem with your email/webmail provider. Sort it out with your email provider or switch to another carrier.

If your email Inbox is your kingdom and you’re touchy about incoming email, forget email subscription.

Personally, I follow 300+ blogs. No way I could follow them unless their posts come to me by email.


* * *


Applies to: EVERYONE.

RSS is short for Real Simple Syndication. WordPress allows you to pull feeds using these applications or services:—

The actual URL for RSS feeds is this: https://thenakedlistener.wordpress.com/feed.

Put that link into your favourite RSS reader.


The easiest way: Google Reader

If you have a Gmail account, you’re already set.

1. Click “Reader” at the top of the browser screen to open up a new browser window/tab.

2. Click “Add a subscripton” button at the top

3. Type https://thenakedlistener.wordpress.com

4. Done!

Google Reader: hassle-free RSS.


* * *

Via Facebook

Applies to: EVERYONE.

The dedicated Facebook page for this blog is at:


Click the “Like” button at the top of the fan page and you’re set. New blogpost notifications will arrive on your Facebook News Feed.



You can also follow us if you’re using the app called NetworkedBlogs on Facebook. Bear in mind NetworkedBlogs has a 6- to 12-hour delay in pulling feeds.Delays too long.


* * *


Now, why would you want to do that, I ask you?

You subscribed me, you UNsubscribe me. Don’t ask me to do it for you because I have no way of doing that on WordPress, RSS, email delivery or Facebook.

Cancelling in WordPress
Click “Unfollow” on the top menubar.

Cancelling RSS feeds
Follow your RSS reader’s instructions to unsubscribe feeds. I have no way of cancelling your RSS feeds.

Cancelling in Google Reader
Click on blog name, click on the right-hand down arrow, and select “Unsubscribe.” Done!


Unsubscribing from Gmail Reader


Cancelling email delivery
DON’T use “block sender” or spam control functions in your email. Instead, click on the unsubscribe link somewhere in every email message that WordPress sends out for this blog.

Cancelling on Facebook
Go to the fan page, click “Like” or “Unlike” again to untick it, and you’ve unfanned yourself.


Unfanning yourself on Facebook


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