Four years

Sunday 13 July 2014, 12.01am HKT


sick piggybank

TO THINK that it’s been only four years to the day that I was let off crutches — a highly memorable ordeal for me that lasted 37 months and taught me a few things about the people of my town.

I rarely reblog the work of others and don’t like to repost my own stuff, but I should think some people needed reminding on a variety of things for a variety of reasons.

This post originally appeared on 15 July 2012, now updated with very slight editing touches to align with the demands of today’s over-(in)sensitive souls.

(Image via International Boarding & Pet Services)

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Too comfy in your job lately?

Monday 26 August 2013, 12.59am HKT

IN case you’re not already comfortable enough with your own family screwing you

eight families via douban

Hita Nanase, a housekeeper with the psychic ability
to read people’s minds, leading her to uncover
the secrets of the households where she works

(via Douban)

“No one denied that Shintaro had a special talent for his job. But in a large company, efficient team work was more important than individual genius.

“(His technical skills are superb.) (And he’s got the ability to develop new technology.) (Unfortunately, he’s unable to compromise.) (If he can’t get his own way, he throws a fit.) (He refuses to take orders.) (Sulks.) (Hates working with others.) (Makes fun of his co-workers.) (Starts his own projects without permission.) (Won’t recognize anyone else’s opinion.) (Gets into a huff.) (A loner.) (Hysterical.) (Vents his anger at everyone.) (Violent.) (Breaks things.) (Cries when reprimanded.) (Then runs home in tears.) (So he can tell Mommy.) (Afterwards she calls me at home late at night.) (Endless complaints.)”

— Yasutaka Tsutsui [筒井康隆]*

Recognise anyone you know like that — or in yourself, for that matter?

Telepathy not required, to put it mildly.


* From page 227 of Portraits of Eight Families by Yasutaka Tsutsui [筒井康隆], translated by Adam Kabat (Kodansha International Limited, Tokyo, 1972, 1989, ISBN 4-06-186046-1). Original Japanese title: 家族八景 (“Kazoku Hakkei,” or “Eight Family Scenes/What The Maid Saw”).



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How comfy is your family screwing you?

Monday 19 August 2013, 5.28am HKT

TOMORROW (19 Aug 2013) is the fifth anniversary of The Naked Listener’s Weblog on WordPress. Not more than half an hour ago, Life handed me something that most people in their right mind wouldn’t think of as a gift.

This broadcast is based on actual events.

Yes, folks, it’s a TL;DR rant. Skip it if you want. I preferred it if you didn’t though.

banana lick

(via Blessing Eremionkhale)

You could just as well call this post The Naked Listener’s Top 10 Lessons Learned From Family Members — because it’s that ‘deep.’

(Adult language follows — one-in-a-million occurrence from me.)

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