Running slow and waiting for a drink

Saturday 21 December 2013, 1.21pm HKT

12.49pm local time, 15°C (59°F), cool and warming up

MY spherical objects residing in my trunks have just finished thawing from the cold of the last two or three days. This ex-British/now-Chinese colony of Hong Kong had just warmed 5 degrees this morning.

xmas twerking

My left-side auxiliary spherical object down in my trunks

Nothing new happening with me right now. I’m just tired and fagged out. Only thing worth mentioning was this conversation from this morning:—

“What’s your wish for Christmas?”
“I wish that others stop asking me what I’m wishing for.”

Other than that, this is how I feel…

cat wagging tail

Got better balls than I have right now…

Until I finish writing up that stupid year-end review of mine that probably nobody wants to read because it’s a tl;dr kind of deal, I’m back on the bottle…

whisky pouring

Wished my bottle would pour this unendingly…

By the way, it’s Winter Solstice on Saturday, 21 December 2013 at 5.11pm UTC/GMT — or Sunday the 22nd at 1.11am Hong Kong time. It’s an almighty family reunion time for the Chinese — another excuse for a booze-up!

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Friday 1 November 2013, 12.45pm HKT

FOR those who are still on Halloween time, here’s my contribution.

kitten mittens

Weeow! Rawr! Meoooww!



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It’s probably Mum in disguise…

Tuesday 11 December 2012, 3.35am HKT

LET ME introduce to you Popcorn the housecat.

popcorn 2012 1201

The bed of chrysanthemums isn’t real, by the way

Mister Popcorn is male, around 1 year old and a bit, fat, lazy, always trying to appear ‘cool’ but fumbles his way through house life.

Doesn’t belong to me: belongs to a relative of mine.

And this picture really reminds me of Mum (the ‘look’ is just uncanny):—

popcorn 2012 1128

Tradition has it (at least in my family) that
all pets are our grandchildren

Please don’t ask why it has to skip a generation (‘children’) — I’ve never been told why.



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