More email inbox commentary

Friday 9 March 2012, 4.38pm HKT

1pm local time / 16°C (60°F) drizzly

YES, YOU’VE NOTICED temperatures here have dropped (again) steadily from 25°C (77°F) on Monday.

It’s been an angry and upsetting week for me (if you’ve noticed at all from my scribbles this week).

Just got some email comments from real people who didn’t follow proper netiquette about leaving comments.


The good ones (I think)

For the post “What’s it been? The Engine Room (Part 3)“:—

“These are in fact impressive ideas regarding blogging. You have touched some pleasant factors here. Anyway, keep up the writing.” — Maureen, received 09March 2012

Maureen dear, I think you’re commenting on the phat feature “You don’t blog?” because that post you were commenting on had nothing to do with blogging ideas.


For the ever-popular post “How well do you know your guitars?“:—

“I have spent a bit of time going through your posts, more than I should have but I must say, it’s worth it!” — Rodea, 08 March

Thank you. It would’ve been even more worth it if you’d just leave your comment there at the post instead.


For the post “Objectivity: Just another $5 word for subjectivity“:—

“Squares don’t fit in tight circles.” — lauhon on 04 March 2012

True. But I advise you, off-post email comments don’t fit in on-site posts. Namsayin’?


For the post “Notes: The Man Who Would Be Spy” about my late colleague:—

“I really appreciate this post. […] ‘All that is gold does not glitter, not all those that wander are lost’ by J.R.R. Tolkien.” — kozinski on 25 Feb 2012

Actually the phrase should be, “All that glitters is not gold. All that wanders is not lost.”


And for no post in particular:—

“In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to begin my own blog now.” — anonymity requested, on 23 Feb 2012

This one clearly came after reading the super-longwinded mega-brain-damaged feature “You don’t blog?“. I thanked him (profusely) that my uncreative writing inabilities has managed to inspire someone, somewhere, out there.


These were real messages from real people. I emailed them back and they actually replied.

Again, I asked these people why they didn’t put in their comments on the posts themselves. Nearly all replied that they preferred to remain anonymous. To which I told them the default commenting system is anonymity (notwithstanding their ‘handles’ and email address) and they could switch off their OpenID or whatever if they don’t want their gravatars shown.


The clearly negative ones

Meanwhile I’ve gotten an earful (or eyeful, since they’re email) from some srsly hard-arsed people who hated and despised a couple of my posts recently.


‘Not worth anything serious’

One commenter considered my “You don’t blog?” feature has been:—

“… not worth anything serious because there are people who may not wish to accept any of your recommendations for their blogs due to [sic: because of] their own requirements.” jjchan, on 23 Feb 2012 just after the last instalment of that feature

It’s fine by me if others don’t wish to accept. My recommendations are, believe it or not, suggestions. They’re not rules that one has to abide by. Never said as such. Derp.

Like I said in my posts, only you know what’s best for your blog. You don’t have to take in my stinkin’ input.



One commenter pointedly told me about my downloadables:—

“It is very uncharitable of you to make your downloads not in MS Word format as I am unable to make changes to them.” koh29

Why the hell would you want to make changes to them?! If you wish to plagiarise them for homework, go ahead, plagiarise! Stop being a lazy f@#k and type the parts you need to plagiarise and do whatever the hell changes you want!

I’ve also explained to this personage that Microsoft Office documents contain macros (software input sequences) that some browsers and antivirus programs could interpret as being viruses. No, that didn’t gel with koh29. Your loss, not mine.

And, by the way, how is making PDF downloads “uncharitable”?


‘Foolish things’

Another commenter really took it personally about “A little about linguanophiles“:—

“Dear Sir,

I have read your articles on your website regarding Linguists and I write to complain about your subjective bias about the discipline of Linguistics.

I do not agree with you due to [sic: because] your English is poor in grammar and spelling. Your perspective is subjective and your assessment of Linguistics is not correct because I do not believe you not [sic] studied Linguistics before and therefore you do not understand.

I believe you must apologize for saying those foolish things about Linguistics and attempt to understand more about the discipline of Linguistics as I believe it will [sic: would] assist your [own] English fluency and overall academic standard of written work.

I have also read some [other] articles on your website and under my assessment you are a poor writer and [a] poor judge of character[,] and I belive [sic] you are making our [sic] Chinese people appear [sic: look] bad because you are not Chinese so you do not understand our Chinese way[s].”

I am thoroughly humbled by your staggering standard of English-language fluency and am deeply impressed by it. And your clear and present need for attitude adjustment.

A bias is already subjective, you idiot — is there even such a thing as an objective bias? Learn your education better.

My “assessment” (as you put it) is of course not correct. After all, it was only based on my two years’ worth of linguistics training at university level. My fault, I admit. I never said, insinuated, averred, pronounced, proclaimed — choose the words you like best — that it was better or more correct than anybody else’s. It’s just my own view — and many of my readers understand and appreciate that (except you). And, of course, my English is as poor as YOURS, twithead.

If you paid any attention at all, you sonofabitch bitch, you’d notice from my About and About me pages that YOU YOURSELF is a f@#king disgrace to the Chinese race. I’m embarrassed to have you as part of my race, you little odious c@nt.


‘Audience is Chinese’

Yet another brain-damaged commenter had to put in this general comment:

“I just do not understand why you have never written any of your post in Chinese as you are living in Hong Kong and your audience is Chinese.”

O rly? Where did you get that phantasmagorical idea that I knew how to read and write Chinese and that my audience is necessarily Chinese, my furry little friend?

Actually, I’ve done some technical sleuthing about the issue. Your problem is your browser isn’t configured for the correct Chinese encoding. That’s why you’re unable to read posts in Chinese but in (poor) English. I think you need to reconfigure your encoding and delete that folder called SYSTEM32 that’s preventing this.

* * *

Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t like the way I drive, then show me a road on which to drive that I could meet your standards and expectations to make my presence acceptable to your esteemed requirements.

—>> My email is thenakedlistener [aroba] gmail [punto] com. <<—

* * *

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I plead forgiveness, only if you’ll do the same

Wednesday 8 February 2012, 7.14pm HKT

SOMETIMES I GET WEIRD EMAIL commenting on my posts that, frankly, most normal people would just comment in the posts themselves.

Here’s one I got earlier today (with typos intact):

“You will need to plead for foregivness from the masses of folks upon whom you have imposed hurt, damage, degradation, and dismissal of their hopes.”

This was for the article ‘The Naked Listener’s top 10 lifehacks for the first time jobhunter or employee (Part 1).’

The message headers indicate it originated from here in Hong Kong, but the commenter chose to disguise himself or herself under the pretend name of Jennifer Backer.

I don’t mind the complaint or rant or whatchamacallit. But why not just comment on the bloody post itself?!?

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Correction: Twitter

Sunday 18 September 2011, 12.16pm HKT

From the Management

You can tell things don’t inspire much confidence when a correction follows the last post immediately

I meant to say my Twitter username is just nakedlistener — that is, without ‘the’.

Just to make everything clear, the whole lot is this:

The blog

The Facebook page


thenakedlistener (aroba) gmail (punto) com

Thank you.

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Yahoo Mail POP accessible if set to the Philippines

Thursday 10 March 2011, 12.23pm HKT

FOR THOSE OF YOU you with Yahoo Mail non-premium accounts, you must be homesick for those days when your free Yahoo webmail had POP access and mail forwarding.

Since December 2010, those two functions are available only to premium (i.e. paid) account holders, as The Naked Listener wrote in back in 7 January.

Since then, I’ve been reliably informed (and reliably tested) a POP/forwarding workaround. The tactic is to set your account to the Philippine region. The U.S. and all of the European regions don’t work.

Setting your Yahoo Mail to the Philippines makes for little if any impact on usability and navigation because Philippine regional content are entirely in English.


1. Log into your Yahoo Mail in the usual way.

2. Click “Options” (or “Mail Options” as the case may be) somewhere on the top right corner of the main Yahoo Mail interface.

3. A dropdown menu appears. Click “Mail Options.”

4. On the left panel, click “Account Information” and you’ll be asked for your password again.

5. Your Account Info screen comes up now.

6. Scroll down to “Account Settings” section and click “Set language, site, time zone.”

7. In “Regional Site and Language,” set it to “Yahoo! Philippines” and click “Save.” (Leave the dropdown menu “Time Zone” underneath unchanged.)

8. Return to the main Yahoo Mail interface the normal way (or just type in your browser to do that).

9. Go back to “Options” (or “Mail Options”) somewhere on the top right corner.

10. On the left panel, click “POP & Forwarding” and choose below:

  • EITHER “Allow your Yahoo! Mail to be POPed
  • OR “Forward your Yahoo! Mail

and click “Save changes” button on the top bar.


11. In Yahoo Mail, compose and send a test email to yourself (at Yahoo and at your other email address). The test email should arrive in both places.

12. In your other email, compose and send another test email to yourself (just to Yahoo this time). That test email should arrive in both places.

13. That’s it!


14. It seems this workaround works for free Yahoo Mail accounts that are 10+ years old. You should still try it out regardless of how young or old your account is.

15. This workaround doesn’t work with non-English regional options, such as Japan, Taiwan, etc.

16. Circulate this workaround out of the limelight, or else Yahoo will wise up and plug this loophole.

17. As always with workarounds, your mileage may vary.

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Roundup for Week 5

Monday 7 February 2011, 1.22am HKT

Roundup for the week of 31 Jan – 06 Feb 2011.

* * *


The Year of the Metal Rabbit (兔) began at 16.00 hours GMT on 3rd February 2011.

Two features on The Naked Listener’s Weblog:

The Wabbit year runs from 3rd Feb 2011 to 22 Jan 2012.

* * *

Global food prices hit record highs in January 2011, the United Nations says. The UN price index of 55 food commodities has been rising for seven straight months and the inflationary pressure is likely to continue for many more months. [via Bloomberg TV news item, 3.40am, 04 Feb 2011]

  • Read The Naked Listener’s post on what’s happening [link].

* * *

Hong Kong’s newest political party, New People’s Party (新民黨), spawns from the pretentiously named thinktank Savantas Policy Institute. Ex-security tsarina Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee (born 1950) heads both the party and the thinktank. Target constituency is the Hong Kong middle class (rather than ‘grassroots’) and (wouldn’t you guessed it) the civil service. The NPP is described in many quarters as centre-right and pro-Beijing — which is another way of saying you couldn’t tell your right hand from your left.

  • Here’s what The Naked Listener told us previously [link].

* * *

The World Wide Web is running out of IP addresses. Come the World IPv6 Day on 8th June 2011, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and some other organisations and ISPs will switch over to the new addressing system called IPv6 for a 24-hour global test drive. Currently, we’re still on IPv4 that was developed back in the 1970s. Today, IPv4 is only left with 117 million IP addresses to spare.

* * *

Toughest-ever organic material created is stronger than Kevlar and stainless steel. Scientists at Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute for Science created a printable ‘nanomaterial’ made up of millions of submicroscopic spheres of N-tert-butoxycarbonyl-protected diphenylalanine molecules. [via Smarter Technology]

  • Predictably, first mention for the new material is of military application, such as high-tech exoskeleton for use by soldiers carrying heavy loads.

* * *

The U.S. government is testing a new email system that can bypass Egyptian-style cutoffs, that is, if a foreign government cuts off the country’s news and Internet communications with the rest of the world. [via]

* * *

Algeria’s 19-year-long state of emergency may be lifted soon, president says. Algeria instituted the state of emergency ostensibly to fight Islamist insurgents and al Qaeda. [via France24]

  • How could you have a state of emergency for 19 years if not actually for the purpose of controlling your own population?

* * *

Google received a record 75,000 job applications worldwide for its hiring spree this year of 6,000 job positions worldwide. Google says that’s 15% more than it received last year. [via Bloomberg TV, 3.58am, 04 Feb 2011]

* * *

Political discontent in the Arab world appears to be intensifying. More than 20,000 Yemenis on 4th February filled the streets of capital Sana’a demanding change in government. [via France24 TV, 04 Feb 2011]

Demonstrations lineup: Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen and Bahrain (unconfirmed) to date.

Demos soon to come (not in order and not necessarily reportable): China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey and Australia (after the Oz settles down from their floods and moving on to their lack of human rights Internet-wise).

  • And to think the astrology camp is still insisting the Year of the Rabbit is going to be a calmer, more peaceable year. Open eyes and engage brain, please.

* * *


“The police here is just as responsible for what’s happening over there. After all, they described themselves as the world brotherhood of police officers.”

(Pub, 2.44am, 01 Feb 2011)

* * *

“They say it’s gonna happen here sooner or later.”

(Johnny re: Egyptian police beating people up, 9pm, 31 Jan 2011)

* * *

“I did this thing for years just for you. And now you say you don’t know what to do???”

(Man, apparently in divorce proceedings, to his lover, in a cafeteria, 7pm, 31 Jan 2011)

* * *

“If you want to make it, you need two things: talent, and lots of smart friends.”

(5.10am, 04 Feb 2011)

* * *

“See? I told you. It’s another middling fortune stick. Years and years of this. Nothing’s ever right from these officials.”

(Friend re: top official drawing a No. 11 fortune stick for Hong Kong, 8.25pm, 04 Feb 2011)

* * *

“Can you join the New People’s Party if you are an old person?”

(Voice in the background, 04 Feb 2011)

* * *

Images (all pilfered and used without permission):

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Yahoo removes POP access unless you pay for it

Friday 7 January 2011, 1.27am HKT

(Post updated on 12 Nov 2011)

Yahoo Mail has been removing POP access and message forwarding for all its free webmail accounts worldwide probably since December 2010.

I discovered the POP/forwarding removal around 20th December when I tried to get my Gmail accounts fetch Yahoo! messages. POP access and forwarding were working fine just the day before. (My Gmail accounts are for this blog.)

This is the error message I got on Gmail:

Gmail error message for POP/Forwarding access

As of today, Yahoo! now provides POP/Forwarding access only if users upgrade to Yahoo! Mail Plus for US$19.99 per annum (or US$1.67 a month). (That’s actually not a bad deal, although you also have to factor in the cost of your Internet service provider for online connection.) Yahoo makes this clear in no uncertain terms:

Yahoo! Mail Plus Enhancements

* * *

Routines that DON’T work

Disregard what you read on the Intarwebz. Some articles floating around are still putting out routines on POP/Forwarding for Yahoo. They are now out of date. Most of the articles are at least a year old, done around 2009.

Here’s a rundown of the routines that don’t work anymore (I tried them all):

  1. Converting your account (via your account options) to Asia doesn’t work.
  2. Converting your account to Europe doesn’t work.
  3. Converting your account to any other region doesn’t work.
  4. Switching to Mail Classic interface doesn’t work.
  5. Switching to Mail Classic AND converting account to Asia/Europe/etc don’t work.
  6. Switching to different timezones doesn’t work.
  7. Switching to Asian/European/whatever content doesn’t work.
  8. Changing your email client’s port settings from “995” to “110” etc don’t work.
  9. Changing your email client’s server settings (“”) etc don’t work.
  10. Using the Forwarding direct link (as suggested by some articles) doesn’t work: it gets you the message “The service you are requesting is not currently for sale.”
  11. POP access using MS Outlook don’t work (since webmail POP access don’t work).
  12. IMAP access using MS Outlook don’t work (same reason as 11 above).
  13. Email fetcher program called YPOPS! don’t work (same reason as 11 above).

* * *

No POP/Forwarding for these accounts

Here’s what I found working and non-working POP/Forwarding access for free Yahoo! accounts after checking with other Yahoo! users.

Outta luck:

  • (worldwide, USA)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (Europe)

In luck for the moment:

  • (People’s Republic of China)
  • (Hong Kong)

Borderline accounts (some with access, some don’t):

  • (Japan)
  • (Singapore)

So it seems Yahoo! is incrementally closing up free POP/Forwarding access around the world for non-premium accounts.

In case you’re wondering, getting a or will be good for nothing for you, unless you can read Chinese since the whole interface will be in that language. Pwned.

* * *


No workaround possible. The only choices are:

  1. pay Yahoo! the 20 dollars to get what you want
  2. migrate to Gmail, which still offers free POP/Forwarding/IMAP access
  3. use telepathy to communicate with the living and the dead
  4. go back to snailmail (which isn’t actually a bad idea if you think about it)

My expectation is that Gmail will close up that loophole in due course, once they have sufficient numbers of Yahoo! emigrés and make them pay. I mean, it’s only sensible business, isn’t it?

Update 12 Nov 2011:
Read about the Philippine workaround here:

* * *

Question Time

Q. Did you really check out all the routines?

A. I did. Took me around two hours’ pissing around with them. They ain’t working. Took me 30 minutes to do this writeup.

Q. But I have to have Yahoo! Mail for my business/contacts/auctions/etc!

A. I’m with you, truly I am. As things stand right now, we’re all outta luck unless we cough up the twenty bucks. The best I could suggest is just go online, log in via the Web, and deal with it.

Q. There must be another way/workaround/hack. Can you help?

A. Sorry, mate, I’m pretty helpless here myself. Let me know if you find something.

Q. Then why the hell are you posting this if you can’t offer any real help?

A. Oh, sorry, my fault. It just didn’t occur to me that, by letting people know that Yahoo! has stopped POP/Forwarding access, it wasn’t at all helpful. I really should’ve come up with some workaround or backdoor hack first, after spending a couple of years to hone my non-existent hacking skills to needle sharpness. My fault, really.

Q. I don’t like Gmail.

A. Try Hotmail then. Personally, I’m not terribly fond of email myself, but wtf…

* * *

Update 12 Nov 2011:

Comments are now closed because of influx of spam. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Be sure to read ALL of the comments below — they contain details of possible workarounds.

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