Easter eggs … and a bit more besides

Sunday 20 April 2014, 12.08am HKT

10.07pm local time, 24°C (75°F), warmish

object great easter eggs via Imgur

(Click image for full size)
(via Imgur)

Just for the Easter period, I’m using this image as the temporary background. No particular reason, I just like this picture. Makes a nice change for Easter Sunday.

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The egg gig with Annie Lennox

Wednesday 2 October 2013, 2.00am HKT

egg label via annie lennox

“I opened up my recent pack of eggs to discover a whole bunch of information inside the lid. Information that seems vital to all egg consumers. Information that reminds me of a university course. I had no idea that the egg men cared so much about the people who eat them! They WANT us to know exactly what we’re putting into our systems! They truly do… otherwise… Why would they go to all this trouble to explain?? I just thought eggs were simple affairs… You boil ’em, fry ’em, scramble ’em or poach ’em… Right? WRONG!! Eggs are complex and scientific! We must study them to understand them! Know your eggs folks. Know your eggs!”

Annie Lennox (the real one) on Facebook, 01 Oct 2013

(Image also from her too)


Here’s the rub, though…

It’s not so great when eggs come from caged hens. Eating eggs basically means we’re supporting the caged-chicken industry. Imagine spending our entire life slotted into tight quarters, with no room to turn round. We should be a tiny bit more interested than now about how we treat chickens and other livestock. We should know how we benefit from those livestock animals as much as they should benefit from us before we slaughter them for food. We talk about making our lives worth living. How about theirs?

Somebody said, “Ah, Annie, stop talking ’bout eggs and release another album!”

Yeah, but we still gotta eat, no?


Italy by law requires total trace of eggs from birth to the dining table. As far as I know, it’s the only country that requires 100% tracking; all others settle for partial tracking. So, in Italy if your eggs are crap, you know who to have a ‘cordial and frank’ discussion with.

The gods in heaven, I remember when we had nine planets and life was simple…



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Why so invisible?

Sunday 13 January 2013, 4.44am HKT

1.14am local time, 17°C (62.6°F), fine

ALL RIGHT, here’s the deal with my recent invisibility.


Abominable abdominal pains

tnl pain 2012 1102 DSC00842I started getting abominable abdominal pains (bit of a tongue twister that) for most of the past week. Onset was sudden and out of the blue.

The local favourite doctors at the local favourite slaughterhouse hospital have no idea (yet) of what’s wrong.

(I’ve no idea what’s wrong with THEM either.)

They rather helpfully said “it could be related to” my being rammed senseless by that random woman back in early November.


Snowed under, but no chicken dinner

The time every year usually between December and the Chinese New Year is the heaviest printing season for me. Clients want THEIR time off, which means we DON’T get ours. It’s been straight 100-hour workweeks for me lately.

The problem isn’t so much the workload — that’s just the nature of the job. It’s the client-generated fracas and faffing around by inexperienced clients working to overtight timetables.

snake oil bottlesMost of my clients are in the banking sector and most habitually work on New York time (as I do too). Trouble is, we’re here in this ex-British/now-Chinese colony of Hong Kong — 12 hours ahead of NYC.

Enraptured in money-whoring, the clients have forgotten there’s that load of holidays inconveniently named Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

Clients sit around, getting all worked up, and wondering why government regulatory departments are closed and officials can’t be gotten hold of. This happens year in, year out.

Chinese New Year this year is the Year of the Black Snake. Three days of celebrations on 10–13 February 2013.

Yes, folks, it’s gonna be another snake-oil salesman kind of year — fiscal cliff, QE3, the $1 trillion coin, and sundry other shameless, effortless lying from all quarters.


HAL 9000

For those of you still living in yesterday (12 Jan), today is HAL 9000’s birthday.

hal9000Fictionally speaking, HAL was activated on 12 Jan 1992 at the HAL Laboratories in Urbana, Illinois, as production number 3. Its creator was a native from Kerala state in India by the name of Dr Sivasubramanian Chandrasegarampillai — you can see why it had to be abbreviated to Dr Chandra.

HAL was disconnected sometime in 2001 by mission commander Dave Bowman on board the USS Discovery One (XD-1) during its journey to Jupiter. HAL was believed destroyed in 2010 in the vicinity of planet Jupiter.

HAL has a terrestrial twin called SAL 9000, characterised as being ‘female’ but with the same hardware as HAL (except SAL has a blue ‘eye’ instead of red).

Same hardware, different gender — must be pretty effed-up inside, if you ask me.

Interestingly, HAL’s name in French is CARL (Cerveau Analytique de Recherche et de Liaison: Analytic Brain for Research and Communication). Had HAL been Italian, the name might’ve turned out to be CARCO (Cervello Analitica per la Ricerca e la Comunicazione) — which in Italian means ‘burden.’

HAL is listed as the 13th-greatest film villain in a 2003 survey by the American Film Institute.


Updates to static pages

Yes, my dear readers, yours truly is so shameless in vanity that the following pages have been updated with new and improved self-faggotry:—

About is now revised with ultra-carefully inserted typos to better reflect the blog’s current mission.

About me now contains new material from the original idiot-style interview — they’re marked as such, but you’ll have to look for them yourself.

About me (facts) a.k.a. Random facts about me have a couple of new items added, fished out from the deepest recesses of my non-existent loopy mind.


Official colour for 2013


Pantone Color Institute, the authority on colour, picked Emerald as the official colour of the new year after conducting a poll and research.

It describes Emerald as a “lively, radiant and lush green.”

“Green is the most abundant hue in nature — the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum. It’s also the color of growth, renewal, and prosperity — no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”
— Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone (via CBS Dallas/Fort Worth)

Incidentally, all the headings and that quote above are in the year’s house colour.

The values are:—

  • RGB: R=0, G=155, B=119
  • CMYK: C=99, M=0, Y=99, K=0
  • Hex (HTML value): #009B77

The nearest matching WordPress colour is sea-green. Trust me, it’s close enough — I’m in the printing business.

Last year, Pantone selected Tangerine Tango (“a spirited reddish orange”) as the official colour of 2012.

Interestingly, old English tradition has it that this colour (Emerald) is the colour of jealousy (as in the phrase ‘green with jealousy’).

And the same tradition holds sea green to mean cold viciousness — as like Maximilien de Robespierre (1758–94), the lawyer and lead instigator of the French Revolution.

“Ah, if you had seen his green eyes…”
— Antoine Christophe Merlin (‘Merlin de Thionville’: 1762–1833) when asked how he could have brought himself to turn against Robespierre (via this and that)

Yer pays yer money, yer picks yer goods…


Winner, winner, chicken fish dinner

Here’s what I’m having for ultra-late-night snack — fried salmon skin à la japonais.

salmon fish skin a la japonais

They’re lots tastier and crunchier than it looks

161 grammes (5½ oz), HK$22.40 (US$2.90 or £1.80)



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