WE LIKE what we see when senior citizens are still in the prime by blogging away and trying to tell us something about their lives and experiences so that the rest of us young’uns don’t run into the same roadblocks. Alas…

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The Oldest Warhorses in Blogdom

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Updated 02 Apr 2013 (more tag added)

videotape says-it_com

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First-person direct: Who blogs first, brags (1)

Saturday 23 March 2013, 7.57am HKT


Updated 30 March 2013 (new navigation links)

6.37am, 22°C (72°F), sunny with some cloudy periods

A week ago (15 March) was one year ago that I furloughed this blog for 108 days (or 15 weeks). For reasons I can’t get into right now, I’ve been trawling for the lowdown on the oldest, still-running blogs on the Web.

man smoking light-it-up-in-milan-italy-style

Needs a fag break even before starting…

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Sign to ‘re-rez’

Saturday 30 June 2012, 2.23pm HKT

4.06am local time
Force 8 gale outside

MY PATRON DEITY — Lucyades, the Greek God of Dusting and Unfinished Sentences — has sent me a sign.



(click image for larger size)

(Korean dogsuli, meaning ‘eagle’)
a.k.a. Pacific Tropical Storm T1206/07W
a.k.a. 杜蘇芮 (or Doh Soh Yoi in Chinese/Cantonese)

Her vital statistics

Position 59 nautical miles (68 miles/110 km) WSW of Hong Kong at 12.15am 30 June 2012

Winds 39-52 knots (45-60 mph/72-96 kmph) northwesterly

Gale/Storm Wind Signal No. 8 up for 3 hours 45 minutes
(23.40 hours 29 June 2012 – 03.25 hours 30 June 2012)


I realised she was ‘it’ the moment Typhoon Signal No. 8 was hoist and we’re in imminent danger of being camwhore-bitchslapped by Typhoon Doksuri.

Two minutes in, and the pageviews spiked up like a person gone bonkers on catnip and contraband amphetamines dissolved in isotonic energy drink.

Normally the blog gets around 250 clicks daily (even during the furlough). It was over 500 clicks from around the usual midnight 30 clicks in two minutes flat. Clicks are still rising.

If this isn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is.

Funnily enough, I was toying with very idea of reoperating the blog in the early hours of 26th June — the exact same time Doksuri (then a pouting lass of a tropical depression) was born in the western North Pacific Ocean.

If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

Being that the thunder, the lightning, the downpours and the people scrambling for cover from blown-to-bits gharish neon signs are a ‘sign’ from my patron deity, I am unfurloughing the blog in a few days time.




After all, I’m not just answerable to Lucyades. His Celestine may have commanded for the sign, but it’s the two other deities—

  • His Grace Lei Kung 雷公, The Duke of Thunder, a.k.a. Raiden 雷電 (‘thunder-lightning’), son of Tian-mu 電母, the Mother of “Electricity”, and
  • The Rt. Hon. Feng Bo 風伯, The Earl of the Wind, a.k.a. Fei Lien 飛簾 (“The Flying Curtain”)

— who got to do the legwork and ring Doksuri in.

Of all the deities past and present, best not to upset their Lordships, or be zapped and blown away like fritters. Getting ‘tased’ and winded ain’t much fun either.

(click image for larger size)

Their Lordships

Thunder (Raijin 雷神) (left) and Wind (Fujin 風神)
(From a tarashikomi 溜込 artwork by Tawaraya Sotatsu 俵屋 宗達, 17th century)


Interestingly, their Lordships are nearly always assisted by The Rt. Hon. Chisongzi 赤松子, The Viscount Red Pine, who is the spirit or god of rain. You don’t want to be drenched by him either.

Imagine being blown out of the water only to be zapped to smithereens.




What are you, a parrot?

I like her, Doksuri. She ain’t half-bad a chick. No drama —flies in, unloads, kicks some arse, takes some names, and away she goes.

Of course, some living, breathing, non-psychopathic human beings I know also have been talking to me and would like to see the blog back up.

Be that as it may, but it was Lucyades & Co. that decided for me.

TRIVIA: In case you’re wondering, past and present incarnations of my blogs have always been born in the dead of night during a Force 8 gale storm. Always a Force 8 gale.

(click image for larger size)

She’s got a big personality




Yeah, why not — since you faggots gentle readers are so irritating good-natured anyway.

The first post-furlough postings will probably be in drips and draps (just like the weather now) —

  • hopefully short(er)
  • hopefully erring more on pictures initially (dirty ones, if humanly manageable)
  • hopefully drawing out insane, invasive and irrelevant comments from you (like I’ve suddenly started getting since 5am just now)

What do YOU want to read, I ask you?




All of your usual, much-missed, favourite pages will come back on. They’ll be back on in drips and draps (just like the showers that are pissing down right now).

Similarly, the menubar underneath the masthead picture used to sport menu items filtering out different categories of posts. Those will continue too. Back on in drips and draps too.




I never had a comment policy and not about to have one. Period/fullstop.

If you’re happy to put in insane, invasive or irrelevant comments (or all three), I’m just as happy to let you through.

If the comments/attacks get really overbearing, I’ll just publish your email, IP address, etc, and let the spambots outside handle your mental disorder. The rest of us appreciate getting a sense of how mentally disturbed some people are.

Likewise, for those of you who like the sheer lunacy of commenting off-site, I’ll just repost them back here. Nothing personal, but being that you took the time and effort to comment in that way, I’ll go the extra mile just for you and take the time and effort to repost them. Nobody said I wasn’t accommodating.




This Sunday (1st July), this ex-British/now-Chinese colony will be getting a new Chief Executive (i.e. governor). Our inestimable ‘chairman’ from Peking is already in town to swear him into office.  Some of the populace will probably swear at him for:—

  • being ‘elected’ to the C.E. post in our non-voting elections
  • allegedly plying dirty tricks at the other candidates during the election campaign
  • appointing absolute unknowns to the ‘cabinet’ — which in itself isn’t too objectionable, except the appointees literally look half-dead on TV




© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012.


Natural-colour images of Tropical Storm Doksuri over the South China Sea on 29 June 2012, taken by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite. NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz of LANCE MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Original caption by Michon Scott. Images © NASA. Public domain usage herein per NASA usage policy. | Top image | Bottom image | Related link |

Fujin-raijin-zu 風神雷神図 by Tawaraya Sotatsu 俵屋宗達 via Wikipedia.

What? via apina | Work countdown via apina.

Poll: If I reoperate again

Saturday 12 May 2012, 2.05am HKT

(This is a subscriber-only post and will not appear on the blog itself)

Greetings, Programs.

Some of you have been emailing me about why the furlough for The Naked Listener’s Weblog is lasting so long (two months already), which is tantamount to asking why my anger still hasn’t died down.

Explaining that is probably harder than landing a crock of 24-karat gold, I think. If I had the time and energy to explain, I’d rather go and get a crock of gold and share the moolah with all of you.

Alas, moolah is not to be had so easily, so I’ll ask questions in return.

Should I ‘de-furlough’ and come back, what would you want to see here?

Multiple-choice poll — as many answers as you want (or could handle).

All subscribers, please pitch in. Be square, be there.

There are at least 92 email subscribers, plus 50-60 WordPress followers and around 40 others via Facebook, so there’s no excuse for not pitching in.

I am 66% lucky — let’s see if I am 66% this time.

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012. Poll powered by PollDaddy/WordPress.

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