Americans make for a lonely lot

Tuesday 13 June 2017, 8.00pm HKT


AMERICANS leave their parents’ house when they become adults. Even their divorce rates are relatively higher than anywhere else. Doesn’t that make Americans a lonely bunch?


Well done for spotting this.

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Art: ‘Featherlike’

Sunday 12 December 2010, 11.40pm HKT

Updated 14th December 2010

Gregor Czaykowski is a New Zealand-based concept and game-art cartoonist who produces art in the style of ‘The Curse of Monkey Island,’ an adventure game of LucasArts.

Gregor has produced Featherlike, an inspired, moving piece of artwork about loneliness and love that probably nearly all of us could relate to.

A tidbit in Gregor’s own words: “… I am also the artist of the original MS Paint version (that got really popular) and then I decided to remake it, thus Featherlike. A lot of people are still confused and think that I copied/stole from the original MS Paint comic and don’t realise I’m in fact the artist of both!”

Gregor’s other artworks are hosted on DeviantART, with 208,650 pageviews to date.

(Click on image for a larger version: opens in a new browser tab/window)

Title: Featherlike

Artist: Gregor Czaykowski

Country: New Zealand

Year: Original avant-projet, 2008. Final artwork, 17 Sept. 2008.

Original: Microsoft Paint bitmap format, 2008

Image: Reproduced here in PNG format, 700 x 4950 pixels, 2.29 MB

Artist URL:

Artwork URL:

Artist’s remarks: “Finished it. Finally finished it. My Featherlike. Many months ago, I drew an ms-paint relationship image for 4chan. I submitted it. It got really popular (even frontpage on reddit). And then I was kicking myself so hard for not adding my name to it. Because now people will look at this and be like “OH DAT GUY TOTALLY RIPPED OFF THAT ONLINE COMIC” and they won’t realise that it’s the same artist.”

Artwork © Gregor Czaykowski. All Rights reserved worldwide.

Reproduced with kind permission of the artist.

Forlorn to be comforted

Friday 3 December 2010, 12.29am HKT

JUST LISTEN to this:

“He just sits there all day long, not having the TV on, the lights out well into the night, not reading or watching or listening to anything.

He doesn’t snack on anything anymore, just drinking that stupid glass of water and nothing else. He doesn’t give a shit what he eats or what he’s given to eat.

He just sits there, from the time he wakes up till it’s time to bed.

When we come in, he looks at us, and for a split second, it’s like he’s looking at strangers, then he goes back to just sitting there.

He turns on the TV, I think really for our benefit more than anything else because we can see he’s not watching TV at all.

‘How’s about a day trip outta here? Game?’

‘It’s okay, you go ahead. Just bring back pictures to see.’

I don’t know if this is happening because of his Parkinson’s or something else. We’ve never seen him like this, and it’s scaring us, this.”

(11.30am, 17 Nov 2010)

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