Elle Ess Dee (Part 2)

Wednesday 14 May 2014, 6.00pm HKT


8.09am local time, 27°C (81°F), rainy days and nights


Life used to be coin-operated.

Nearly everything in the old days was priced, sold, bought and paid for in coins. Then Mammon (Thatcher) came to power. We went full retard and everything began to cost in notes (‘bills’ to our American cousins).

By the way, “bread and honey” is Cockney slang for ‘money.’

‘What’s that in old money?’

decimal coins via UK Metric Association

UK decimal ‘shrapnel’: the 20p came in the 1980s and £1 later still
(via UK Metric Association)

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A walking, talking kind of fail

Tuesday 26 November 2013, 6.30pm HKT

5.36pm local time, 20°C (68°F), overcast and cool

Stowing stuff away when I happened upon a note of mine from last year.

My note dated 14 June 2012

14 June 2012.
Some people never learn. Nearly a year of silence, and DW
only manages to email me one measly message of 25 words.
Unf**kingbelievable. By the 5th word, it’s the same setup —
asking for advice, but never saying what advice being asked for.
Some people are born organic versions of spam.



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Notes: Whole Earth Catalog, Spring 1969

Tuesday 28 February 2012, 12.01am HKT

Is there anybody left in this world who remembers this?!?

This was the Whole Earth Catalog.

Think of it as the analogue or paper version of the Internet.

It was the size of two sheets of A4 or letter-sized writing paper, and printed on newprint.

A long time ago when I was a kid, I had a copy. I put it in the second drawer of my writing desk, with my stamp album on top of it. Then both got thrown away by mistake by some idiot.

There’s a really vivid image in my mind, the one that got me buying it in the first place — “The Indian Tipi.”

I didn’t know (and still don’t) know why I was drawn to that entry, but it clinched it for me. I just HAD to buy it and read it from cover to cover. Knowing the stuff contained inside it was like going into historic territory for me.

And believe you me, it really was historic territory.

Loving this kinda proves I’m something of a hippie inside me.

Except that I’m not. Except that I am. Except that I’m not.

Except that I’m everything that I am and am not.

© The Naked Listener, 2012. Image via World Earth Catalog.

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