Hedging your bets

Tuesday 1 July 2014, 2.48am HKT

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HEDGING YOUR BETS is to look for the safest and best-performing choice — to reduce your loss on something (say, a bet or an investment) by using the gains to offset the losses.

In life, it’s also a way to avoid choosing one thing or side, so that whatever happens in the future, you won’t have problems or seem stupid.

But realise it’ll be the source of your greatest anxiety too.

Hedging your bets usually works only in fair weather.

If you’re not the type who thrives on stress or can make decisions on incomplete information, then take a stance, stand your ground, and live with it — for better or worse.

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The roots of violence

Sunday 7 August 2011, 3.45am HKT

Only I can see this…


1. Wealth without work


To gain wealth on the work of others without recompensing them justly.


To make others work as though it were a privilege to do so.


2. Pleasure without conscience

3. Knowledge without character

4. Business without morality

5. Science without humanity


Medicine for the sake of treatment rather than to relieve suffering.

6. Worship without faith

7. Politics without principles

* * *

Also known as

The Seven Deadly Social Sins

(per M. Gandhi)

* * *

The Naked Listener leaves you with this thought:

“If you tolerate this, your children will be next.”

(English proverb)

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Only I can see this #1

Sunday 26 June 2011, 7.00pm HKT

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