238th Birthday

Saturday 5 July 2014, 1.43am HKT

1.23am local time, 28°C (82°F), dry

Happy birthday, USA!

splat IMG_2013-1206_090325 thenakedlistener

Artwork at Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong © thenakedlistener

(click image for full size)

Have a drink on me, peeps!

tyler-florence-red-white-and-blue-cocktails via onangles.com

(via On Angles)


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Site Update: Background image for November

Sunday 3 November 2013, 1.01am HKT


Here is the background image for the month of November 2013.

November 2013

Detail of a woollen carpet, taken by thenakedlistener on 18 July 2013

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Friday 1 November 2013, 12.45pm HKT

FOR those who are still on Halloween time, here’s my contribution.

kitten mittens

Weeow! Rawr! Meoooww!



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Angry Soaking Rabbit

Monday 23 September 2013, 9.23am HKT

3.27am local time, Typhoon Signal No. 8, 26°C (78°F), pissing down

WE’RE in the middle of a tropical storm. It’s Force 8 gale outside. Everyone’s supposed to have spent the last 24 hours shatting their pants off. We didn’t. But since the telly’s showing “The Ice Pirates” from 1984, maybe that’s excuse enough to do just that.

typhoon usagi 2013 0922

Tropical superstorm Usagi (ウサギ ‘rabbit’) around the Taiwan Strait

(Image by NOAA via Time Out Hong Kong)

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Self-made wallpapers

Monday 2 September 2013, 2.50am HKT

I’VE been unwell these couple of days and had been sick (US: vomiting) yesterday. Feet became swollen and, since 18 hours ago, swollen eyelids as well.

Being that I’m in this state, I’d be writing something even less sensible than usual. Let me share some of my self-made wallpapers to kick off September instead.

Please play Earth, Wind and Fire‘s tune September in your heads if you don’t have it on CD.

Original scene was an IKEA display. All images created by meeeee! Click on image for larger size. Feel free to use any for personal and non-commercial uses.

(Yeah, this post is what we call a “floater” in the editorial business…)

2-Hand Lens

(Four in this set — click on image for larger size)

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Site Update: Wallpaper for September 2013

Sunday 1 September 2013, 7.18am HKT


HERE is the background image for this month:—



Photographer unknown, via http://m.flikie.com

(click on image for larger size)



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