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British schooling comeback to American TV host

Relevant: Apply cold water to burnt area

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Nearly all of my American friends have validated the truth of this, that their geography sucks.

The rest of us know THAT already:—

“War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” — Ambrose Bierce


America is a large, complicated place. Lots of states, and you have to remember at lot about each of those. Still, learn.”

But the truth is…

“I always thought Nicaragua was next to Sweden. Because. Everything. Is. Next. To. Sweden.

The absolute reality is even more terrifying…

“Liberals are only concerned with watching awful network programming, and Occupying Obama thinks there are 57 states.”


“They’re still figuring out how to work the cellphone…”
— the movie “Robodoc” (2008)


“Have you lost an eye or a testicle, or some other small but pricey part
of your body? Sue your doctor. Lost your brain? Accidental
lobotomy is not a defect — it’s an education system feature.”

— ‘MINI Microfone’ (a 100% regular American)

(Thanks, MINI Microfone, you’re a real stand-up guy…—Editor)


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Simplify, man, it’s complicated enough

Monday 12 March 2012, 12.30pm HKT


This probably won’t gel with some people who think they are going to have an afterlife.

Afterlife or no afterlife, THIS is what we’re supposed to do in THIS life, or you leave.

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Sunday 27 November 2011, 9.17pm HKT

X-4 program with what Langley engineers euphem...

I RECKON I’m going to have to start posting more pictures and be less wordy from now on.

Not to put too fine a point on things, I’m not particularly partial to reading unending piss-streams of verbal diarrhoea, and I suppose many readers feel the same way.

Indeed, a few have dissed remarked that sometimes my writing or my topics have been obscure or irritating — or even not in the English language. I’m pretty upset that my blogging language has been identified as not being in English.

Si les gens n’aiment pas mon anglais, je devrais peut-lieu d’écrire en français.

(Translation: If people do not like my English, maybe I should be writing in French.)

Perhaps the real reason for more pictures is that my life is often one long emergency, so I’m a bit of a lazy bastard. A picture is worth a thousand words — or supposed to — so makes it rather well for blogging purposes.

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