Patience? … patiently defined

Thursday 29 August 2013, 9.57am HKT

patience DSC0633 thenakedlistener-wordpress-com


Pointless waiting and inactivity pretending to be a virtue.

(29 Aug 2013, 8.05am)



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Run into, once more again

Saturday 3 November 2012, 8.00am HKT

I’m in serious pain right now.


I could hardly breathe properly right now with the pain in my back.

I’m writhing and wriggling in my seat, panting all the time, as I bang these words out this very moment because I can’t bend my back.

Friday, 2 November, 5.25pm local time

Yesterday afternoon some random woman shot out of my building and ran straight into me. Blind as a bat, she was. The commissionaires (security people) saw it happen and they said it was pretty nasty too. I felt fine then and everything seemed normal.

(Sorry, the pain is onsetting again … God, it’s really painful! I’m breaking out in cold sweat too now.)

So I went home upstairs and had a kip. Then after a few hours I woke up at 9.23pm with an God Almighty excruciating pain in the small of the back (a.k.a. lower lumbar region). I haven’t been right since waking up. It felt like a sprained back at first, you know, but it’s gotten steadily worse.

The one day I have a day off and now this.

Sorry, people, but the pain is really getting to me now, so I’ll lay off the writing for a bit.

Yours truly at midnight, Sat 03 Nov. It was THAT painful.

I’d already spent 37 months in crutches from a busted pelvis and I’ve managed to walk unassisted for two years already.

Heaven help me, I’m not sure I’m going through this. I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with Hong Kong people anymore. They don’t look where they’re going. They push you aside (or into the traffic) if they felt you’re in the way. Our women in many cases are worse than the skinheads in 1970s UK when it comes to road rage. For chris’ sakes, c’mon.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna end up being crippled by rush-hour pedestrians going about their lives in Hong Kong.



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