Updated 01 July 2012

On 15 March 2012, The Naked Listener’s Weblog went on furlough in protest at various online and offline people whose vicious behaviour isn’t necessarily related to the blog.

No date has been set for the blog’s reoperation, although the intent was that the furlough would be temporary.

The furlough ended on 30th June 2012 and the blog back in full operation, as a result of a ‘sign’ from my patron deity. Full story [HERE].


It is hoped that the furlough is temporary,

but it could turn out to be permanent,

considering the abusive behaviour of various certain people

who troll the site

who send hate mail to me privately

who make derogatory or vicious remarks about me in the real world

who make snide insinuations right in my physical face

that whatever I say, write, do or think is


specifically using words like

廢話 / 废话 (‘junk words’)

無意義 / 没有意义 (‘pointless’)

無價值 / 没有价值 (‘worthless,’ ‘without value’)

洋腔洋調 / 洋腔洋调 (to speak with a foreign accent or
using words from a foreign language
(usually derogatory) (idiom)


That one ‘personage’ who harangued me for more than a year
about the word ‘Naked’ in my blog name, saying its use was “uncharitable.”


If this is what you yourselves want,


Nobody ever said I wasn’t accommodating or compliant.

Are you?



If you are so displeased

then I would appreciate it if you would

step back from your cheese and crackers for a moment

and tell me what your

standards and expectations are

so that I could do my level best to meet them

in order for me to be acceptable to YOU.



You yourselves launched on me

when I haven’t even started ragging you yourselves

about your almost criminally insane and

probably criminally negligent or indictable behavour:—


(not in any particular order)

(and real names may appear anytime, depending on if my anger will subside or not)

1. You anted up nothing

Two relatives who kept their dirty little mortgage swap quiet from me, so I ended up unknowingly paying off HK$300,000 (US$38,600 or £24,600) on a superseded mortgage.

Don’t you ever say I needed to 發奮做人 / 发奋做人 (‘to exert or raise oneself’) — when I’ve paid up lock, stock and barrel because of the vicious pretense from the pair of you.

Are you two paid up? No, I thought not.

Don’t you ever bloody say things like that about me.

If you two can’t tell whether I have 發奮做人 from the way I write, then you two most certainly can’t tell anything more sophisticated than that. But that’s not going to happen now, will it?

You two are a disgrace to, of and in yourselves. You two need to 發奮做人 first.


2. Liar, liar, pants on fire

“A” who spread all sorts of lies about me because he’s still smarting from starting a fight with me on hospital grounds, where the both of us got our arses hauled into the favourite local police station.

But then I got off and “A” didn’t — and had to spend the night in the slammer because, honestly, it was his own damn fault in the first place.


3. Takes one to know one, I suppose

“Y” telling me straight in my face without even blinking an eye that what I said all those years ago was “worthless” (廢話 ‘junk words’) — as if his own words were any better.

Listen, you can’t even turn water into water, you slimy worthless little gook.




4. Your attitude stinks too

“J” telling me in the face: “我忍你了很耐” (‘I’ve had put up with you for a very long time’)
when I had given him absolutely no cause to do that.

In return, I’ve put up with J’s highly sneering and sardonic attitudes to everybody around him — and I’ve said nothing.

Your attitude is why your ex-girlfriend cleaned you out from the sale of your mortgage home with her when she dumped you.


5. What good are you for?

DW and his smarmy demeanour and highly disruptive antics at university that led to the university authorities to issue warnings (twice) to me for HIS bad behaviour.

Additionally, DW’s delusional egotism about his (actually shitty) command of English — oh, sorry, ‘English fluency’ as they call it in Asia — resulted in my getting alienated by practically everybody because they thought I was ‘with him.’

Again, I said nothing.

On a particular English usage, DW once remarked that, “I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.”

Message to DW:—
I’m pretty sure YOUR English is pretty pathetic since:—

  • you can’t seem to write a simple, 50-word note without making half a dozen grammatical mistakes despite your privileged schooling — what good are you for then?
  • you overload your speech with outdated written-type idioms that no true English speaker would use in speech
  • you sentences are nearly always in one rigid structure and even your non-English-speaking classmates notice this
  • you yourself admitted that you’ve been told your English is “unconvincing” by the airline recruiters who interviewed you (and didn’t give you a job)
  • you can’t even hold down a job for more than 3 months
  • you perversely keep asking me how to get girls, while you constantly tell me you’ve got this or that girl to meet you via the Internet — why ever would you need my input if you could do the impossible like that?
DW, I gave you good, solid info on anything and everything you cared to ask me on. In return, you ungrateful vermin, you accuse me of not giving a shit. How could I, seeing that you don’t give a shit about your own self?


6. Edjumacation is what you need

The great grief caused to me by “Dr” E.T.’s astonishingly insane antics while I [tried] to edit her doctoral thesis that could have become a world-famous, ground-breaking seminal work, if only my advice and “mainstream” operations had been taken.

That pro bono project clocked in a staggering time cost of HK$750,000 (US$96,500 or £62,000) — more than the printing price of a medium-sized IPO. It truly baffles the mind.

Honestly, E.T., you know jack shit about the class system, in China or anywhere else.

You need to control your goddamn hormones too.


7. You need to be watched more closely

To the personage named Chris at my last company where I last worked in a regular salaried position:—

Don’t you ever imagine I didn’t know you secretly took out one page from that IPO proof just to trip me up in front of customers.

I know your type, I know your game, so I put the page back in, you little runt.

I advise you, whenever I work on printing a US$150 million IPO deal, I keep tabs on everybody (bosses included), you stupid, brainless, oafish f*cktard.


8. Wait till it happens to your own kids

To “W”, who hijacked off things that Mum gave as gifts of obligation plus practically everything else that you’ve hijacked off of me.

When I was in trouble during my 37 months on crutches, all you thought about was that I was “hiding”or lying or something — not once did it occur to you that I was in trouble.

The time you were f*cking around was the time I needed to get back on my feet.


9. That’s why nobody comes to our aid

To the sea of my fellow townsmen (and townswomen) who out of the blue and with no provocation whatsoever (on more occasions than I would even wish to recall) ragged me, dissed me, physically shoved me aside, and even threatened to beat the shit out of me
during my 37 months on crutches simply at the sight of me using crutches.


That well-dressed office bitch with her mauve Prada handbag who yelled at me at the top of her lungs in Central MTR Station in 2009:—

“Hey, cripple boy! Get out of the fucking way! Have you no consideration for others?!! Stay home when you’re crippled!!!”

And still I didn’t answer back.

(Next time, you slag, learn to buy a f*cking Prada handbag in Prada’s house colour — black.)


10. Overpaid, oversexed and over here

That British ‘merchant’ bank that helped to ‘relaunch’ the company where I last worked in a salaried job.

In a word, incompetence.

Nobody at the bank even answered the phone all day. I know so. I rang you guys up one day. For a full hour. Nothing.

Like I said, I keep tabs on EVERYBODY for business purposes.

I worked 80 hours a week in those days. You couldn’t have been busier than I was — certainly not your main switchboard receptionist(s).

You people are one f*cking lazy lizard. Your ‘relaunch’ caused me and my whole department to be made redundant.

And now, some of my ex-colleagues are in severely reduced circumstances, you bastards.


11. You can’t even be corrupt competently

The Inland Revenue Department’s Business Registration Office and the Immigration Department both for managing to do the impossible — mixing up my Chinese-language part of my company name into my birth certificate.

Didn’t you say your precious CICS/EPONICS system used by law enforcement agencies and immigration isn’t connected to the Inland Revenue’s IRIS system?

Care to explain the discrepancy? Or would you prefer it if I explain it?

A corrupt system is itself corrupt so that any information could be had for a price. A corrupt system has no loyalties.


12. Your kids will treat you the same one day

Friends and family are supposed to be on the same team.

But, no, not only every vision is there an equal and opposite revision, but I got people ‘answering back’ at me (by words and deeds) — and then my words were proven right later.

In return, all you people went ape-shit crazy at the mere suggestion that I might want to utter one single word.

If I were to behave the same way you have behaved towards me, I would have been beaten up black and blue a long time ago. So who exactly is saying I’m not a patient, even-tempered person?

I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the start of your sentence?


13. Thanks for letting me build a case against you

My email is being hacked right now (14 March 2012, 9.59pm local time). Spamlike email is being sent to all my contacts.

Interestingly, it’s being sent in batches of four outgoing messages — not a spambot’s modus operandi.

I’ll leave you to figure out whose system does a four-by-four outbound exploit.



I didn’t ask for help or sympathy, nor do I expect it,

but don’t go around lousing things up for me

or use me as your private punching bag.


Be you all know that the things you yourselves have done,

understand that they are a sin.

And I’m not even religious.



I actually, personally, unequivocally wrote

915 posts

each averaging 1,500 words and illustrated

plus two guest posts for others

plus one post here by a guest blogger.

It might not be your loss,

but it no loss for me either.

The previously published posts won’t be available anymore

because they’re ‘worthless’ so they shouldn’t matter anymore.



I have a handful of good (and goodly) souls

who have followed this blog

and put in comments that I treasure

which altogether made the whole crappy exercise

actually worth the crap.


My late pet hamster who stuck it out with me

and actually slept on my left ear even out of the cage

without ever running out on me.

Can’t say the same for you though.


I remain,
Your obedient servant,
Which you damn well know I am not,

The Naked Listener

Go on, you gormless git, say it into my left ear

and see if you can pick up your teeth from the floor with broken fingers




© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012.

Images: To-do list via c4c | ‘People like you’ via c4c | ‘People I want to punch’ via c4c | Family tree via Shutterstock | Lies via Zerohedge | Pinocchio Prickface via c4c | Useless via Ningin | ‘Lost in Miscellaneous’ via Art-fittings | IPO prospectus via KT Wealth | Lasercut scarf via [unrecorded] | Bankers placque via ink-d.co.uk | Baboon via Varbak | Sons of Anarchy Revolver via apina | Pet hamster by author | Author’s finger by me.

Created and published 19 April 2012
Updated 25 June 2012 (reformatting fixes, adding subheadings)
Updated 01 July 2012 (amendment on reoperation of blog)
Updated 14 Jan 2013 (revised some colours to Pantone 17-5641: Hex #009B77)

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  1. Caycee Aaliyah said

    I think that everyone who has said that about you is ignorant . You are the successful one with your OWN website not bothering anyone , so why do they care ? Anyway follow me if your own twitter @KayyCeeUhLeeUh ✌✌



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